What Makes a Successful Arbitration?

The keys to a successful arbitration involve choosing an Arbitrator who

  1. Has extensive expertise and understanding of the subject matter,
  2. Knows how to apply that knowledge within the fact pattern of the dispute,
  3. Is an effective, respectful communicator, and
  4. Is able to assume a neutral viewpoint in the decision-making process.

Of these four points, subject matter knowledge is a key aspect to conducting an effective arbitration. Subject matter expertise is best gained through professional education, practice and experience in a specific field. Though arbitrators may state in their resumes that they have subject matter knowledge in the areas they conduct arbitrations in, an arbitration participant may find, only too late, that sometimes this is not the case with the arbitrator they have chosen. Without a true understanding of the subject matter at hand, an arbitrator's decision-making skills can then be obscured. The outcome of arbitrating with an ill-informed arbitrator can be a disappointing arbitration at best, or worse yet, an arbitration that leaves the participants feeling unheard, resentful, and invalidated.

An arbitration should not only result in an appropriate Judgment, but a good quality arbitration should also help provide clarity, closure, and education of the essential aspects of the dispute at hand, which bring the participants to understanding.


Mr. Ross has conducted many arbitrations throughout his career as an ADR Specialist in the areas of real estate, finance, business, fee disputes, probate, trust and estate matters, personal injury, and more as listed here His extensive legal experience and knowledge of the subject matter in these areas, along with years as an ADR Specialist, have made his work as an arbitrator very effective . . . and very appreciated and respected by the participants and their legal counsel.

Mr. Ross's ability to draw out essential information in these areas through his helpful communication skills with the participants and their legal counsel in a validating, clarifying way, has helped bring the understanding and relief the participants have hoped to receive through the arbitration process.

When arbitration is the next step in your ADR process, please contact Mr. Ross's assistant to check his availability and to schedule your arbitration.