What people are saying about Barry Ross, Mediator!


I knew we would make great progress on our case with you as our mediator, Barry.  Your insights were refreshing and extremely helpful and that gave the parties new motivation to find workable solutions.  It is easy to see why you are so highly regarded in your field! - T.U.

Thank you, Mr. Ross, for supporting my partner and me by being a wonderful mediator. Your care and kindness in mediation were essential to the success of the mediation. - P.J.

This was my first time in mediation. And if I ever have to go into mediation again, I hope it is with you, Mr. Ross, or someone with even a portion of your brightness and talent! I thank you so very much for your time and your care. I learned so much from the way in which you presented and handled yourself! It has been a true pleasure to see a real professional at work! Thank you! - N.J.

Thank you, Barry, for helping me appreciate the spirit of reconciliation!  I really appreciated your thoughtfulness and your ability to display honor and integrity during this difficult situation!  You made my mediation process a success!  - S.C.

Barry, I'm so grateful for what you did in guiding our mediation!  We couldn't have settled this dispute without your assistance! - K.H.

Barry, you did a spectacular job as a mediator!  You were a 100% effective!  Thank you very much! - S.S., Esq.

Barry, you have the professionalism, the sensitivity towards the parties, and the knowledge of the subject matter, that make your assistance as a mediator so vital to the resolution process.  Another well-done mediation job! - J.G, Esq.

Barry, the way you communicate and work with people is amazing!  I admire your talent for helping people resolve their problems and come out feeling better afterwards! - A.T.

Barry, I don't know how you did it, but I really appreciate the help you gave us in resolving this dispute!  You are amazing!  Thank you so much! - C.S.

Barry, you got me to re-examine the facts of my dispute and my viewpoint - with ease and without making me wrong.  I was then able to come up with a reasonable solution that worked for me that I hadn't considered before and the dispute resolved!  Excellent work! - L.M.

Barry, it is always a pleasure to work with you and have you mediate one of my cases.  You are the best!  You turn difficult situations into positive outcomes! - J.K, Attorney

Barry, I would put you in the very top class of mediators I've worked with in my litigation practice.  You have the skill and the ability to work with people that I've rarely seen in a mediator.  I appreciate your persistence and follow-up with my clients and the other participates of this mediation that brought this very difficult situation to a good conclusion. - M.C., Esq., Partner

Thank you for your good work.  You created a safe space in the process . . . and "held it open" throughout the mediation that led to settling our dispute. - K. B.

We felt blessed to have chosen you as our mediator.  Your knowledge and insight into our situation and your good energy as a person made resolution possible. - D.M.

Barry, your subject matter knowledge, coupled with your helpful, energetic and sincere personality, brought enlightenment and clarity to a once seemingly impossible situation.  Thank you for your help in freeing us from a very oppressive situation. - G.R., Real Estate Broker

Barry has exceptional insight into people and their problem-solving needs!  - Y.A.T.

"Barry, you're fabulous!  I didn't expect this case to settle! Thank you!" - D.H., Attorney

"Mr. Ross, you're a 5 star mediator!  Very well done!  Your abilities as a mediator are worth every dollar my client spent to hire you for their mediation!" - W.B., Attorney

"Thank you, Mr. Ross!  Your insights into a very stressful situation I found myself in with my client were so helpful that I felt relieved for the first time in months.  I was able to solve the problem and be released from a very difficult position with my client.  I was in good hands with you as my mediator." - E.G., Realtor

Mr. Ross, you helped me put my dispute into focus and understand what options and expectations were realistic.  I "got out of my own way" and I overcame the fixed ideas that were standing in my way of resolving the dispute I was caught up in. - A.R.

"An associate told us that the only person he knew of with the ability and experience to help us settle our particular dispute was Barry Ross.  He was right!  Thank you, Barry!  Great job!" - C.C.

"Barry got us to look at our problem in a way we hadn't thought of before, and once we did, we were able to resolve our dilemma and move on to more constructive things in our lives again." - W.L.

"You have some great ideas to go with your wit and charm-a great package for a mediator!" - A.A., Esq.

"Barry is the best mediator I've ever seen.  It's been a pleasure working with him to resolution." - B.K.

"Barry has the commitment and patience to bring the parties to resolution." - W.R., Attorney

"Next time we need a dispute resolution expert, we look forward to working with Barry Ross!" - J.R.

"Barry got me to really think about my options and confront the parties and the situation realistically, so I could make the decision that was right for me!" - P.B.

 "I just called to thank Barry for his superb job mediating this case yesterday.  I never thought for a minute it would ever settle, but he did it.  Amazing.  Thank you, Barry." - T.H., Attorney

"Barry Ross is an exquisite mediator!  He embodies the art and practice of mediation at its finest!" - S.G.

"I wish to thank you on behalf of my client and myself.  You expeditiously mediated our dispute and did so painlessly it seemed to us . . . My client left your office feeling vindicated and most of all, ready to move on to his next escrow.  I feel the experience not only educated and familiarized me with the process, but it also gave me an opportunity to forward, to any future clients, my first hand experience of what mediation entails." - R.A., Esq.

"In addition to having a successful outcome at mediation, I have had the pleasure of meeting you, a real estate lawyer, with a pleasant demeanor and loads of experience and knowledge in the real estate field.  It would be my pleasure to recommend your services in the future." - J.B., Realtor

"Barry Ross is extremely skilled in the process of mediation.  I would not hesitate to use his services again." - Y.R., Esq.

"Barry is well-known in our community for his expertise as a mediator.  Recently, when I was drawn into a real estate dispute through one of my employees, I chose Barry Ross as our mediator.  I was so deeply impressed with the job Barry did mediating the dispute that I called upon him to educate my entire company in the technical professionalism that will help my employees avoid these kinds of disputes in the future.  With Barry, I not only met a great mediator, I made a good friend!" - Company owner J.P.

"Barry works magic in mediation!" - C.G.

"I tell my opponents when we're deciding on a mediator, there are two classes of mediators:  There's Barry Ross . . . and then there's everybody else!" - S.S., Esq.

"Barry Ross is the first mediator we call when our law firm schedules a mediation!" - L.G.

"Thank you Mr. Ross for helping us resolve a difficult situation.  Your professionalism and insight were very appreciated!" - R.M.

"When I found I had a serious disagreement with one of my clients, Barry counseled me in how to better communicate with them.  Barry laid out a new strategy involving a new approach with them, and from that point on, we were able to resolve our disagreement before everything got too blown out of proportion and escalated into a lawsuit!  You're fantastic, Barry!" - S.A.H.-Realtor

"Barry, thank you for helping me resolve a difficult disagreement with a co-worker.  You also helped me realize a new way of communicating with people that I'll use in the future.  I appreciate it very much!" - C.J.

"Barry Ross gives everyone the opportunity to communicate and by doing so was able to help us take a fresh look at the situation and at a reasonable cost. We are grateful for his help." - D.P.  

"Barry Ross is the mediator to study!" S.F.S., Esq. 

"Mediation starts with listening.  Barry really knows how to do that!" - G.C.  

"Mr. Ross helped me focus on the key aspects of my situation and made a safe place for me to work out my differences to a great result!" - C.P., Broker/Realtor

"Thank you again for helping our clients arrive at a settlement.  Your assistance, and your professionalism, were greatly appreciated." - E.J.T., Esq. 

"Barry, you're the "king" of mediators!  Excellent!" - S.S." - Attorney, Mediator

"My firm uses Barry repeatedly to mediate cases because Barry really knows what he is doing.  Besides his extensive experience as a lawyer and a mediator, he is objective, has great listening skills, and is always appropriately responsive to all the parties involved, which is essential in helping the parties feel validated to consider fresh concepts towards resolution." - J.G., Esq.

"Barry Ross is one of southern California's premier mediators.  It is always a pleasure participating in one of his mediations." - R.C.

"I enjoyed working with you tremendously.  Your sense of humor and your suggestions for navigating some of the impasses were invaluable to this mediation.  I hope we have the opportunity to work together again.  . . .  Thank you for your contribution to this mediation." -G.R., Esq.

"When the other side breached our contract, we thought that litigation was our only answer. As our mediator, Barry Ross helped us handle the situation quickly and professionally. We reached a fair settlement without litigation and we were able to go on with our life." - S.B.

"Barry's personality and patience allowed the client to become comfortable with resolution, which was the key to settling this difficult case!" - G.D.

 Note: In order to maintain confidentiality of the mediator's clientele and their legal counsel, we do not publish the names of the participants, their counsel or the case names of those participating in Mr. Ross's mediations unless otherwise agreed by the participants.